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A Natural Approach to Healing

 In 2005, Liz was diagnosed with a debilitating illness.  Western medicine had no help for her and she had to figure out how to get back to healthy and happy on her own.  


 After 5 years of researching, trial and error, she finally found a combination that worked.  She was healed, happy and fulfilled again.


 She realized that she had a gift for helping/healing others and decided to put a program together to help others get back to happy and healthy. She became the the guide she wished she had when she was diagnosed. 

Our program works for people of all walks of life in many different situations.  It has shown to be effective with autoimmune diseases like lupus, crohns disease, leaky gut syndrome.  It is effective in chronic aches and pains as well as with anxiety and depression.  However, the most efficacy has been shown to be in those who are seeking something more in life.  Those who are seeking purpose and fulfillment in their lives.  Many of our clients are on the cusp of a spiritual awakening and Liz is a patient and useful guide through the process.  


Liz loves to work with positive, successful people who believe that getting well is possible.



If someone asked...

Liz's ideal client is someone who

  • did everything right, but still feels like something is missing

  • is in transition whether it is divorce, retirement, loss of a loved one etc.

  • is searching for something more

  • is suffering with situational depression or anxiety

  • feels that something is clearly off, but can't put their finger on it

  • feels blocked - can't seem to achieve their goals of weight loss, promotions, finding and keeping relationships

  • is plagued by chronic or recurring aches and pains  

  • is looking for guidance with their spiritual journey       

Liz is a full time Holistic Healer and Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach.  She offers a holistic approach to wellness and provides a program with guidance to get you back to healthy and happy. 

Call now to schedule your complimentary session with Liz:  540-748-8047. Or click below to schedule the free session yourself. 



Client Feedback

I had a reiki session and felt safe. My mind was quiet and still and my body felt light. These are challenges for me and Liz really helped me break through them. Everything she told me after the session was spot on and helpful. I have recommended her to several people for Reiki and wellness solutions and I will be going back! She is extremely good at what she does and has a way of making you feel ok with the world.

Margaret C.

I had a great experience with Liz at Butterfly Healing and Wellness. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed after my session. The atmosphere was very welcoming, warm, and comfortable. Definitely worth the time and I highly recommend it!!!

Dawn W.

I was looking for a way to enhance my spiritual journey. A friend recommended Liz and Butterfly Healing and Wellness to gain clarity and guidance on my journey. The setting was warm and inviting. It was very personal. Liz is very welcoming and open minded.  She listens intently and provides tailored healing solutions for you. I highly recommend Liz and Butterfly Healing and Wellness, it was well worth every minute of my time.

Kenne R.



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