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May 22, 2018

Pulling A Card for Guidance on the First Quarter Moon


Many people don’t realize that all of the moon’s phases are powerful and can cause success and failure of wants and dreams. 


On this last New Moon, which was very powerful for manifestation (see previous blog post). I did a manifestation meditation (self guided) which was new and surprising.


The first Quarter moon is a call to continued action.  In manifestation, you can’t rest on your laurels.  You get clear on your desires, set your intention to attain/obtain them and put them out to the universe.  However, it is not a done deal…you still have work to do.  On the first quarter moon it is a good idea to take actions to move forward to gaining your desires.  It can be unclear what actions need to be taken, so today I am going to pull a card to see what actions I need to take today – to get me closer to attaining/obtaining my desires. 



The first card is to show me the action required to get a job or grow my business to be able to support myself on the other side of my divorce.  I was lead to use the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.  I pulled the Lightning Card or Power card.  This card shows me that power is all around me and in me.  I need to tap into my connection with Mama Nature and draw from her power and the power of the universe to propel myself forward into my new business.  It also shows that power is neither good or bad and that I should not get caught up in judgments about my business.  I must let go and let it manifest itself as it will.  I also need to remember not to be afraid, that I can seek shelter from this power…allow it to destroy and create as required from a safe place.  It also shows me that it might be scary and uncomfortable, but like all of Mama natures rants, it will wane.  I must weather the storm and emerge in the new growth created by the destruction.  I also feel that it is showing me that there is power inside me as I am a divine incarnation of the power of the universe.  I have a divine spark that lights my soul as I go out to do light work in the world.  So today, I am lead to develop my meditation section of my business.  I will set my intention to record some meditation, which will be available on my FB page and my website for download (as soon as I figure out how…lol). 


The second card is to show me the action required to secure a safe, comfortable home, in a neighborhood with kids, in my price range that will accept dogs.  On this pull, I got a volunteer card too.  The card I pulled was Island/Solitude.  This says to me that I need to let go of what others will think.  I need to meditate and get away from the harsh/distractions of the world.  I need to choose a place that will be good for me and allow me a retreat from the outside world.  It also shows me that it might be rocky and inhospitable to some…I need to focus on the fact that beautiful things can grow in inhospitable places.  I see faces in the clouds and a ray of light breaking through that let me know that the universe is working on this for me and I need to trust that the perfect house will become available…I just need to be patient.  I meditate every day, today I will focus especially on letting go of outside influences. 


The volunteer card is the Lake/Stillness.  This is a wonderful supporting card to the Island.  It shows me that my action needs to be stillness.  Maybe instead of looking online all the time to see what is available, I need to just get still.  This is no easy task for me…lol.  I have to just let it come to me in my stillness. I need to just enjoy the peaceful moments and notice the beautiful flowers and trees of Mama Nature.  Perhaps, I need to take time to do activities that have nothing to do with my search and that might be where I find my house.  And when I find my house, from my stillness – I will be able to respond with fluidity and grace.  As I said, I meditate everyday…so today I will incorporate this as well into my meditation.  I will make a concerted effort to not give into the “hurry up” pace of our society and take my time to smell the roses.  Maybe today I will plant some flowers and beautify my current situation to help me remember to remain still.   

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