Manifestation Lesson

August 8, 2018

So, here is an interesting thing that happened to me yesterday…  If you don’t know this about me…I love to manifest things. 


If you are not familiar with “manifesting” it is another way to say desiring something in your mind into being in the physical plane.  My first experience with manifesting was watching The Secret on Netflix  .  It is a show based on the best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne.  I highly recommend the movie and I’m sure the book is amazing too. 



The way I manifest is to get really clear on what I want…I picture it exactly how I want it.  I clear my heart and mind of all limiting beliefs and feel/act as if I already have what I want.  I maintain an attitude of gratitude.   Then, I relax into the grace and just let it come to me. 


I manifest parking places, clothes, money etc.  (I meditate everyday and do Reiki/Crystal therapy to achieve this state of being.It is also important to clear and balance your sacral chakra for manifestation to take place.  Really all the chakras need to be clear and balanced.)   


Yesterday, I was playing Monopoly with my son.  I know it is a low vibration game, but we have fun with it.  (I Reiki’d the game…so not so low vibration anymore 😊 )  So, here is what happened…I was losing very badly – I had like $40 and a few properties.  I kept getting sent to jail and having to pay taxes.  So, I realized I was operating out of a place of fear. 


So, I set an intention in my mind and spoke it out loud to play from love from that point on.  Every time I had to draw a card – I focused on the love in my heart and said “I come from a place of love…staying in the love.” 


My “luck” completely turned around…  I started getting money when I drew the cards and I bought lots more properties.  We don’t play until the end a lot of times because we don’t have time, but when we counted the money – I was only a little behind my son. 



He wins a lot and I think it is because he is young and plays from a place of love and compassion.  And THAT…is a huge lesson for me. 😊  

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