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March 20, 2020












I choose hope today.  At my house, my son is still on Spring Break.  We didn’t have any plans to travel, so it is business as usual.  My clients have dropped off a bit, which I completely understand.  We have to take care of ourselves. I find that many are opting for an online option instead. 


However, whenever I need to shift anything…my perspective, my habits, my re-actions etc…I find that gratitude is the vibration of shift for me.  So, I figured the next thing I should talk about is gratitude.


One way that I can instantly “get into gratitude” is by making a gratitude list.  I sit with a piece of paper and just write down everything I can think of that I am grateful for in my life today.  It always surprises me how many things end up on that list. 


I find that sometimes it is hard to get started on my list.  So, I start with the things I love the most.  I am grateful for my son, grateful for my fur baby doggie, grateful for my family, grateful for my plants etc.  Before I know it, my list is a whole page long.  The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to “feel” the gratitude before you start.  The list will shift you into gratitude.  Go slow with the list…spend a minute on each thing and really experience the joy of the things that you are grateful for and let it raise your vibration.   


Sometimes though, I don’t have time to sit down and write a formal gratitude list.  On those days and at those times, I can just do an instant mini gratitude list in my head.  So, I take the things that are most irritating me and find the silver lining or thing to be grateful for in them.  For instance, I really hate cleaning toilets…lol.  If I sit with it for a second, I realize that I am so grateful for toilets!!  I am so grateful for running water!!  I am so grateful that I have a bathroom in my house!!  I am so grateful that I have a house!! And it just goes on and on from there.


Shifting into gratitude doesn’t mean that I am out of touch with what is happening in the world.  It just means that for me in my little bubble of the world – I choose gratitude. 


So, if you are feeling a little sideways…sit down and make a gratitude list and see if it doesn’t shift you into a higher vibration.


I hope this resonates with you.  If you are having a hard time shifting and needs some help or guidance.  Feel free to contact me at www.butterflyhealing4u@gmail.com or 540-748-8047.



Love you ALL!!!   


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