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March 23, 2020


As I continue to self-quarantine myself through this crazy time, I think this is a wonderful time to read all the books that I have been meaning to read for a long time.  I got up this morning and checked my Kindle list and found so many in there – I was overjoyed!!  I chose Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD.  I started it months ago and never finished it.


I have a subscription to Audible and decided to play it on my tablet while I got ready for the day.  It was so engrossing I was able to continue it well into the morning.  It is so uplifting to me and I also feel like I am being productive.  It sets a wonderful tone to my morning. 


She talks all about the “wild woman”.  Not the wild woman who does crazy things, but wild as in natural.  She listens to her intuition, she sings and dances, she enjoys beauty and chooses life over chores.  I can relate so much to her.  She also talks of the woman who is captive for so long that when she is set free, she ends up giving into gluttony.  It resonated with me at this time, because we are all held captive physically right now.  However, we are still able to be free inside.  We can still control what we do with our feelings and our actions.  We can expand our mind.  This is a great time to get still, go inside and find out who we really are, but that is another blog post. 


I find that opening myself up to new ideas with an open mind, really keeps me fluid and able to flow into new ideas and try things on that resonate with me.  Just the introduction of these new ideas into my psyche really shifts me into a different mood and emotional state. 


It matters what books I read.  I choose to read books that are uplifting (even if they show me truths that are uncomfortable).  I love to read books that show me – me. 


However, in this time of quarantine, I feel like too much heavy psychological lifting might be too much. So, I am choosing messages that resonate with me that shift me just enough.   I find it is in the little shifts, that the big shifts are possible.


Reading books also is very good for my third eye chakra.  It really sparks my intuition.  I wonder what the person who wrote the book experienced while they were writing.  I am curious about what sparked them to write their books.  I can almost sense the process that they went through in choosing the words that they use in their works.  The agony and elation of a finished work.  I feel connected to them in an inexorable way that happens when someone opens themselves up and publishes their inner most thoughts and beliefs. 


I hope this resonates with you.  If you need any help or guidance in this time of

social isolation, feel free to contact me at www.butterflyhealing4u@gmail.com or call 540-748-8047. 

Love you ALL!!!   


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