Hope for Today - Dance and Sing

March 31, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I went into a funk over the weekend.  The weekends are a time when I go and do things with my son or by myself or with friends.  So, on a weekend where I have no where to go, I went into funky land.



Yesterday, I fought off the funk as best as I could.  Today, I woke up and went to a tried and true method of getting out of my funk.  I put on one of my favorite tunes … Closer by the Chainsmokers feat. Halsey.  I hadn’t even had my first cup of decaf and I was up and dancing.  My favorite is when I know the words to the song.  I find that singing and dancing instantly lifts my mood and raises my vibration. 


I hadn’t been awake very long, so I started slow to wake up my muscles and my soft tissues.  I work up to bigger and bigger movements.  I like to dance to several songs.  It feels good to get my heart rate up for as long as I feel like dancing. 


Dancing is so good for the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.  It pushes energy to the lower chakras.  It opens them up and gets the energy flowing through them…allowing them to absorb and release energy as necessary for healthy flow of life force energy.  Dancing is great for my solar plexus as it allows my self-esteem to soar.  I just let go!  That song “Dance like no one is watching” that is how I do it.


It is especially good for my sacral chakra.  The creativity of the song and the dance awaken my creativity and sensuality.  The movement of my hips and bum awaken the chi and allow it to burst forth throughout my meridians and other chakras (and out into the world). 


Dance balances my root chakra.  It is both soothing and grounding and uplifting at the same time to my root chakra, which keeps me grounded to the earth.  It reminds me of my body and allows me to feel my body in this physical world.  The change of direction during dance reminds me of the change in direction in life.  It can allow me to change direction in life as I change direction in dance.


Singing soothes and heals my throat chakra.  The release of sound out of my throat removes blocks that might be keeping me from speaking my truth.  The vibration of my vocal cords raises the vibration of my throat chakra…resets it. 

As a woman, who has been shushed a lot in my life, my throat is in constant need of nurturing and energizing.  Singing softly or at the top of my lungs is an amazing way to provide it!  I love to sing to strong female singers like Adele, Pink, Halsey, Fergie etc. 


I hope this helps to provide an idea for you to lift your spirits and your vibration during this strange time of quarantine.  If you want, make a video of yourself…you can post it on you FB or send it to me or just keep it for yourself.  It is very healing to see yourself dancing and having fun.  (NO judgement of yourself – reconnect with your inner child and let her dance it out!!!)


If you need help to stay in a high vibration at this time, feel free to contact me at:  www.butterflyhealing4u.com or www.butterflyhealing4u@gmail.com or 540-748-8047.

Love you all!!!!

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